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Sell Your Car For Cash In Longbeach

Welcome to Cash For Cars Long Beach. Our business, to make it easy for you to sell that used car you no longer want or that no longer works. We have been in the used car buying business for years. We know that in today’s stressed economic environment people can no longer afford to keep older vehicles needing repairs just sitting in garages or on property waiting for money to become available for extensive repairs.

Sometimes a car cannot be repaired and it’s just taking up valuable space that can be used for other purposes. We understand that older vehicles, especially those with damage, would be hard for owners to sell. That is where Cash for Cars Long Beach can help.

Cash for Cars Long Beach makes it real easy for you to sell your used vehicle. We have perfected a 3 step process that takes the hassle out of selling your car and it only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Call us to find out how much your vehicle may be worth. We only need to know the year, make, model, how long you have had it, its current condition and its weight. Heavier vehicles are often worth more because of the recycling value of the scrap metal. We will give you an estimate of how much cash you will get. We are proud to offer the best prices in the area.

Step 2: We come to you, at home or at work, verify the information you gave us and pay you cash on the spot. Our system is quick and professional. We strive to complete your sale within 24 hours. In most cases we can have cash in your hand within one to four hours.

Step 3: We tow away your unwanted vehicle at no cost to you. You may have thought about having your vehicle towed to a junkyard. Doing that would mean you would have to spend money just to get it off your property. When you sell it to us, we do it for free.

That’s all there is to selling your used vehicle; just three little steps. You will be very happy with our prices, our professional services, and all open space you now have where that vehicle was stored. Cash for Cars Long Beach buys vehicles 7 days a week. We are ready for your call.

We buy cars throughout all of Long Beach, California. If you happen to be outside of the long beach area like in El Cajon you should try this Cash for cars. The company is very friendly and can give you a good offer in the area.